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Executive Board

The Redbird Gaming executive board is comprised of 5 elected Redbird Gaming club leaders, either current or past officers. The Redbird Gaming executive board serves as an advisory group for all Redbird Gaming clubs and helps support the daily operations of each club.

Executive Board Responsibilities

  • Advise the Redbird Gaming clubs on best practices and all items that impact the operations of clubs
  • To review the Redbird Gaming club handbook, which includes the rules and procedures that directly affect clubs, and provide feedback and recommendations for change, if necessary
  • To serve as a conduct board governing all violations of policies and procedures outlined in the handbook and provide recommendations for consequences and sanctions as outlined in the Redbird Gaming compliance program.
  • To work in a shared governance capacity with the Redbird Esports administration
    • Meet regularly with the Redbird Esports administration to discuss the operations of the club program
    • The Redbird Esports administration serves as a direct point of contact to ISU offices and administrators.
  • Lead the facilitation of a semi-annual recruitment combine in cooperation with REN and Redbird Esports administration.
  • Lead fundraising and sponsorship efforts for individual clubs.
  • Assist with the facilitation of monthly club achievement recognition pieces and the end-of-year Redbird Gaming awards in cooperation with REN and Redbird Esports administration.
  • To consider the best interest of all Redbird Gaming clubs and to carry out recommendations for the prosperity of the Redbird Gaming program
  • To advance the growth of Redbird Gaming each year by developing a yearly strategic plan
  • To create sub-committees that may work on special projects

2022/2023 Redbird Gaming Executive Board

  • Kyle Hines

    Kyle Hines

    Major: Business Marketing

    Kyle has been a part of Redbird Esports since 2020, previously working as an events and outreach coordinator, and founded the Redbird Apex Legends Club. They're working towards an opportunity in esports broadcast and events management, and are using this passion to develop the Redbird Gaming ecosystem for future leaders and members.

  • Austin Kimmick

    Austin Kimmick

    Vice President
    Major: Cybersecurity

    Austin is an undergraduate at ISU and is currently the President of Redbird CSGO Club. He is extremely passionate about esports and wishes to help every club continue to grow and prosper by creating a sense of community under the Redbird Gaming umbrella.

  • Placeholder image of Reggie Redbird

    Caitlin 'Cat' Rosendorn

    Diversity Equity Inclusion Coordinator
    Major: Bachelors of Science in Public Health

    Cat is in her junior year of undergraduate at Illinois State University. In addition to working with Redbird Gaming, she is also the Member Outreach Coordinator and social media manager for Redbird Overwatch. She hopes to help make the gaming spaces at ISU feel safe and welcoming for everybody, no matter their identity and background

  • Placeholder image of Reggie Redbird

    Liam Boyle

    Club Coordinator
    Major: Undetermined

    Liam is an undergraduate at ISU who runs the redbird Minecraft club. He also enjoys helping clubs to develop their structures and professionalism and hopes that he can be a good help going into the next semester.

  • Sam Carroll

    Sam Carroll

    Community Coordinator
    Major: Park and Recreation Administration

    Sam is an undergraduate student at ISU who also competes for the Varsity Rocket League team. He hopes to help Redbird Gaming grow by supporting the development of club communities.

  • Kenneth Kresina

    Kenneth Kresina

    Major: Masters in Sport Management

    Kenneth got his start in collegiate esports at The Ohio State University, where he served as President of the Buckeye Gaming Collective for 2 years and Broadcast Manager for Ohio State Esports in his final year. He's using his experience to help pitch in behind the scenes within Redbird Gaming, helping to enable current and future club leaders.