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Esports team strategizes together.

Redbird Esports Network

The esports and gaming business is growing fast. The Redbird Esports Network (REN) gives you hands-on experience in the exciting gaming industry.

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Your Opportunities

REN is a student-led, mock entrepreneurial start-up. You'll use the skills you learn in the classroom and apply them to the real world. There are lots of ways for you to get involved.

If you'd like to learn more about our job opportunities, please explore our Student Employment page on Campus Recreation's website

  • Event Management and Outreach

    In-person interaction is what sets collegiate gaming communities apart from the online-only gaming communities. This adds social interaction to our favorite online games. This team develops organizational and procedural standards for the Redbird Esports program and regularly consults with program staff and club student leaders to put on professional and engaging events.

    The team includes:

    • Event coordinator
    • Events staff
  • Social Media

    The social media team represents the Redbird Esports brand online. They make sure all the messaging and art fully protrays our high-quality program.

    The team includes:

    • Social Media and Marketing Coordinator
    • Graphic Designer
    • Motion Graphics Designer
    • Photographer
    • Video Editor
  • Technology and Digital Development

    Technology makes our gaming community thrive. The technology and digital development team design and implement solutions that drive participation and engagement on all Redbird Esports platforms.

    The team includes:

    • Technology and Digital Development Coordinator
    • Resource Outreach Manager
    • Gamer Server Administrator
    • Application Developer
  • Broadcasting and Production

    Live-streaming is crucial to how fans engage with their favorite esports teams and organizations. The broadcasting and production team provides fans with access to gameplay, competition, and events. They also produce quality broadcasting, video, and voice content.

    The team includes:

    • Broadcast and Production Coordinator
    • Producer
    • Technical Director
    • Observer
    • Caster
  • Esports Facility Supervisor

    Esports Facility Supervisors are responsible for the daily supervision of Illinois State University Esports facilities. Primary duties include supervision, access control, risk management, troubleshooting, student engagement, and other duties essential for the effective operation of the facilities and equipment. Esports Facility Supervisors enforce policies and procedures in a professional manner and ensure the appropriate use and cleanliness of equipment. As the first source of interaction with students and guests, the Esports Facility Supervisors are responsible for providing basic program information for the Redbird Esports program as well as Campus Recreation events and services.