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Awards & Achievements

Each year, the Redbird Gaming Executive Board gives out a series of awards meant to recognize members of Redbird Gaming as well as those that are a part of the varsity esports program.

2021/2022 Redbird Gaming Awards Winners

  • MVP

    Ethan Hrabik

  • Newcomer of the Year

    Max Lapides

  • Most Improved

    Reid Otte

  • Club of the Year

    Redbird Minecraft Club

  • Club Leader of the Year

    Chris Schmidt

  • Club Team of the Year

    Redbird League of Legends Club Varsity

  • Blahnik Award

    Mads Brendal

  • Varsity Player of the Year

    Sam Carroll

  • Varsity Coach of the Year

    Eric Perez

  • Varsity Team of the Year


  • REN Person of the Year

    Mads Brendal